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Liquid Organic Fertilizer
Strategic Placement for Optimum Results!

Organic Liquid Fish Fertilizer In 2005, one of OPD's founding partners, located a business at the Port of Willapa Harbor, Raymond, WA.

This strategic placement was to take advantage of the large volume of fish, crab, and shrimp waste parts and the opportunity to actively recycle and covert these marine products into organic fertilizer.

At this point the assistance of a consultant was sought in order to learn how to make a premium cold processed liquid fish fertilizer. Heat is never applied at any stage of our process.

Most of our competitors use heat to extract fish oils and sell the leftovers as fish fertilizer. The heat process always stands the chance to disrupt the amino acid and protein chains thereby making a less bio-active product.

As a result OPD Liquid Fish Fertilizer has been judged exceptionally bio-active which allows a balanced soil to provide better crop growth and higher harvest yields.

Technical Information About OPD Liquid
  1. OPD Liquid has a distinct price advantage as it is manufactured on the West Coast and can normally be delivered in the 11 Western States for less than $4/Gallon. This allows the farmer to apply it by the ton rather than by the diluted gallon/acre due to cost per/gallon barriers. 
  2. OPD Liquid is manufactured using a cold process rather than a hot process. This allows more nutrients and bacteria to survive the processing that in turn allows much quicker reactivity. (Almost immediate microbial activity within the soil resulting in quicker mineral uptake by the plant) Normal specific gravity of the product is >8.8 lbs/gallon. Our salmon have a normal NPK of 2.5 -0.7 - 0.3. 3. OPD Liquid does not extract the oils. Thus allowing the omega
  3. Complexes to be available to the plant and microbes. Thereby making a more healthy plant.
  4. OPD Liquid has proven to be a very good organic fertilizer/soil amendment, but also has been used to assist conventional fertilizers by balancing the soil and allowing a more efficient uptake of the conventional fertilizer product.
  5. OPD Liquid can be applied in the fall for a "just in time" fertilizer for the spring growth period without losing any nutrient values. This is in part due to the oils that lock the product into the root zone rather than allow it to gas off to the atmosphere, or leach through the root zone.
  6. OPD Liquid has the lowest sodium content of 8 major brands used/tested by the fertilizer contractor. This helps control the salts going into the soil.
  7. OPD Liquid has one of the lowest aluminum contents of 8 major brands. This helps control the metals going into the ground, which allows the microbes to better balance the soil.
  8. OPD Liquid has high calcium content. This allows lower density soil crusting which in turn allows less sprout stress.
  9. OPD Liquid has good conductivity while working in the soil. This shows energy that can be transferred to plants and soils.
  10. OPD Liquid has shown an increase of brix levels in potato plants from 11 to 13.5 in 26 hours, and from 13.5 to 15.2 in 48 hours. This is directly related to the reactivity of the cold processed fish fertilizer. *Note-it has been found that many plants with brix readings in excess of 13 are more healthy and many of the small insects cannot, or do not ingest sugars well, thereby making the plant resistant to many harmful insects and many diseases. In other words, fish with some fish oil provides a better immune system for the plant.
  11. OPD Liquid is not blended with any additives. It is pure fish with a sulfuric acid stabilization of + 3.5 pH. Straight fish allows quicker activity by not having multiple menu items for the soil/microbes to assimilate.
  12. OPD Liquid is consistent and high quality as 90% comes from a year around single species source. (Atlantic Salmon)
  13. OPD Liquid is listed as an Organic Fertilizer/Soil Amendment with WSDA. Washington State Department of Agriculture.
  14. OPD Liquid can be stored up to 13 months (depending on extremes in weather conditions) with an occasional mixing.
  15. Two basic ingredients necessary for plants to grow healthy are fish and a good compost. Since compost can't be applied conveniently to large acreage, humic acid derived from compost and/or diatomic humus have proven to be an excellent fertilizer/soil amendment growth systems. It has proven to be replicable year after year. By adding some specialized microbes, the system is even better. The fertilizer contractor has learned during the past 30 years that there is no silver bullet to proper fertilization, but the combination of the above 3 items have come very close to giving annual increased productivity/quality and increased income to his clients.